City Xscape

Jump into City Xscape, where bouncing meets intergalactic adventure! Dive into a vibrant world where skyscrapers reach for the clouds and friendly aliens zip around every corner. This colorful bounce house attraction will transport you to an intergalactic metropolis like no other. Get ready to jump, slide, and bounce your way through an out-of-this-world experience that’s fun for all ages!

The Giant

Step up to The Giant! This is not just an obstacle course, it’s a neon-hued extravaganza of family fun! Race through inflatable hurdles, twist around colorful corners, and laugh your way to victory. Get ready for a wild adventure where every obstacle is a chance to make memories and share laughs with loved ones.

Skyscraper Slide

Get ready for a wild ride at Skyscraper Slide! Plunge down this towering inflatable, surrounded by palm trees and a rainbow arching over your head. It’s a slide like no other, where every twist and turn is a burst of colorful fun. So, grab your inner child, and let’s bounce into a tropical adventure of epic proportions!

Silent Disco Dome

Get ready to groove at The Silent Disco Dome! It’s not just a bounce house, it’s a family-friendly dance party like no other! Slip on your headphones, jump to the beat, and dance the day away in this bouncing paradise. With tunes from our DJ, it’s a fun-filled experience for everyone, where laughter and rhythm collide!


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